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Election Nominations

CCA Members,

We are not quite at the end of the year but it is time to start thinking about the election of CCA Officers for next year. According to our club bylaws the President and Vice President are limited to two consecutive terms. Officers who are eligible and wish to serve another term must stand for election. Members who wish to become more involved with the operation of the club are highly encouraged to run for election.

The list of officer positions in the club includes: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director, NCM Ambassador, Competition Director, Parliamentarian, Vendor & Club Relations Director, Webmaster, and Member-at-Large. The Member-at-Large is not an elected position. It is automatically filled by the immediate Past President of the club and is intended to provide leadership continuity. These eleven positions form the Board of Directors and ten of them are annually elected as required by the bylaws.

The Board has appointed Wayne Hatcher from Hagerstown to be the Election Chairperson. The bylaws state that the Election Chairperson must not be a candidate in the election. The bylaws also permit the Election Chairperson to select a committee to provide assistance and members of the committee are allowed to be candidates in the election. Wayne has selected our current President, Bob Atwell, Jean Wade (membership), and April Hussey (webmaster) to form the Election Committee. It is the role of the Election Chairperson to solicit nominations, conduct the election, and certify the results. Wayne is a very enthusiastic, relatively recent, addition to the CCA and he has the full confidence of the Board of Directors.

The bylaws also generally outline the election calendar. The process begins in September with a call for nominations which is being kicked off by this message. In October, Wayne will announce the final list of nominees. In November there will be time for statements from the candidates in the newsletter. Voting will take place by email and all votes must be received by the end of the December 12th Business Meeting as determined by the bylaws. Results of the election will be announced at Shop Night on December 19th as required by the bylaws and as soon afterwards as possible by email to the full membership. Specific dates for the nomination deadline and announcement of candidates will be provided by Wayne in a future email. He may also send you an occasional reminder to keep the election process moving along. He might even provide interim updates on who has been nominated before the October deadline as well as do a little arm twisting to get more candidates for election. The bylaws provide that anyone can nominate themselves for any position. If you are going to nominate someone else be sure to check with them first for their approval.

The bylaws also provide that any club member in good standing can vote. This means that both the Primary member and Secondary member, if one is listed on the official rolls, are each eligible to vote in the election. Because of the way we manage our mailing list, emails with information on the election will only be directed to the Primary member. Just please remember that Secondary members can vote as well.

An email address ( has also been set up for the election and this address can be used for submitting nominations or questions for Wayne and the Election Committee. Nominations must be received by October 15th 20th.

I am sure you will be hearing more from them shortly. Please consider running for office if you are interested! And, certainly, be alert for more information on the 2018 CCA Officer Election arriving in your mailbox.

Jon Thorn, CCA Parliamentarian
H: 301-963-4864
C: 301-518-6257