CCA Members,

In the fourth quarter of this year we will be holding an election for club officers for next year. Our twelve elected positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director, NCM Ambassador, Competition Director, Parliamentarian, Vendor & Club Relations Director, and Webmaster.

The first step in the election process is to identify a volunteer to serve as the Election Chair. The Board is now actively looking for volunteers for this position. The Election Chairperson needs to be selected by the end of August. It is the responsibility of the Election Chairperson to manage the election process, certify the accuracy of the election results, and notify the CCA Board of the results. As required by the club Bylaws, the Election Chairperson must not be a candidate for election. The Election Chair may, at their discretion, select members to serve on an Election Committee to help with the process. The Bylaws do not prohibit Election Committee members from being candidates in the election.

The Bylaws also govern the timeline for the election. In September there will be a call for nominations. Self nominations and nominations by others are acceptable as long as the nominee has approved the nomination. In October the final list of nominees will be submitted to the Board and advertised in the club newsletter and on the website. All votes must be received by the second Tuesday of December. Election results will be announced at the December Shop Night and then on the website and in the January newsletter. New officers will be installed at the January Business Meeting which is also the official Annual Meeting for the club.

If you are interested in helping the club by serving as the Election Chairperson, please contact me. The Board will need to select the Chairperson by the end of August in order to keep the election schedule on track. Also, do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about being the Election Chairperson, the nomination process, or the election.

Jon Thorn, CCA Parliamentarian
H: 301-963-4864
C: 301-518-6257

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