Event Planning Calendar

Planning Calendar

Suggest an Event

If you have feedback on past events or ideas for future events, e-mail eventsvette-club.org and your suggestions will be considered by the Board of Directors at an upcoming Business Meeting.

Plan an Event

Members are encouraged to organize new events. This can include organizing CCA participation in other organizations' events. Don't be afraid to take initiative! Some basic procedures/guidelines:

  • Start by checking our calendar for conflicts, choosing a date, and notifying eventsvette-club.org to save the date. Even if the event or date is tentative, it is best to get the date on our calendar as early as possible. This helps other event planners and also helps garner early interest in your event.
  • Socialize your event at Business Meetings and/or other club events to gauge interest and get help with planning/organizing.
  • Arrange for relevant venues, catering, volunteers, vendors/prizes, equipment/supplies, etc as needed. Various club members can help with each of these areas, so don't be afraid to ask for guidance or assistance at a Business Meeting or by e-mail to eventsvette-club.org. Be aware that the club's ability to make down payments for venues/catering is limited, so if a down payment is required then you will need to request assistance with this as soon as possible and before making any commitments or payments.
  • Gather complete event information (description, date/time, location, directions, sign-up instructions, groups/members to target for advertising, etc) and draft wording to be added to the website/e-mails/newsletter/fliers/etc. Send this information to eventsvette-club.org so that the club can advertise your event.
  • Help advertise your event by socializing it at other similar events.

General event ideas/suggestions (in no particular order):

  • Corvette shows, gatherings, cars and coffee events, cruise-ins, parades, etc, either organized by the CCA or organized by others and attended by CCA members
  • Cruises and rallys, either local or long-distance
  • Brunches, lunches, dinners, happy hours, tastings
  • Parties, picnics, BBQs, potlucks
  • HPDEs or autocrosses
  • Tours of museums or collections
  • Corvette or automobile-related instructional/informational seminars or tech sessions
  • Corvettes at Carlisle cruises or gatherings
  • FSCC Ocean City Weekend gatherings
  • National Corvette Museum events
  • Corvette Racing events
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