It seems like forever since I have participated in a Corvette/car event. Our CCA 2020 club calendar was packed with events every week. Racing, shows, socials, cruises, tech sessions. Something for everyone and then some. About now, our club members should have been in the final stages of preparing for our world famous annual CCA car show. Every year this event seems to get bigger and better and is a must attend in the MD, VA, DC Corvette community. Plus, we are able to support some very worthy charities. Hopefully, we will be able to still make it our annual show and remaining events happen sometime later this year.

A first happened last month. We had our first ever board meeting via online webinar. It was very successful and was great seeing everyone's faces again. Starting in the near future, we will most likely be able to have members view the meeting live. The system can handle up to 100 people. If social distancing sticks around through the summer, we also discussed the possibility of just the board convening at our normal meeting place and allowing members to participate live online. Stay tuned...

If you have any ideas for future events you think we might pursue, please don't hesitate to contact any of us on the Board. We welcome and appreciate your input.

The club is a wonderful place because of its members. It was once said "You come for the car, but you stay for the people." It's true and you'll learn why once you attend our events and meet the people!

Jim Streight
2020 President, 240-839-1935

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