November 13, 2018 Business Meeting Attendees

I'd like to start off my Ramblings this month with a familiar reminder. Thanks to our NCM Ambassador, Terry Popkin, we have a photo above from the last business meeting on Tuesday, November 13th at the Burtonsville Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille. The second Tuesday of each month the CCA Board and generally at least an equal number of the membership get together to go over club business. It is certainly not all work so we leave plenty of time for fun and fellowship. As with any club, we need the active participation of as many members as possible. I am probably a bit biased but the CCA Board is an exceptionally friendly and informal group. I cannot remember a time when a decision vote of the Board on some topic related to the club did not also include all members who were present at the business meeting. If you are local in the metro area and have not attended a business meeting, you really should start working on a New Year's resolution to show up at a meeting if only to see what goes on to keep the club vibrant, interesting, and useful for the membership and community.

Important: 2019 CCA Board Member Election Status

In my Ramblings article last month I put on my Parliamentarian hat and reviewed the rules in the club bylaws governing club officer elections. Devin Streight agreed to be the Election Chairpersion. It is a requirement of the bylaws that the Election Chairperson not be a candidate for a Board position and in addition Devin is not currently a member of the CCA Board of Directors. I also said last month that all current club officers had indicated that they are willing to serve again in 2019. In the interim there has been a change to that statement and I will go over it shortly.

On October 23rd Devin sent a call for nominations to all current members with an email address. A letter was also sent by U.S. Mail to those members without an email address. Nominations were due on November 7th. On October 30th a reminder was sent to the membership. Unfortunately, the club received no nominations either by November 7th or later for that matter.

Following the distribution of the call for nominations, Jean Wade decided that, after 22 years, she wanted a rest and did not want to run for the Membership Director position. This left us without any candidate for that position. Jean is not leaving the club and we will all do our best to keep her busy, but if she wants a break after 22 years, she has certainly earned it. Jean has been the glue keeping the flock together for far longer than most members can remember. I've called her the club's Mother Hen and she has certainly earned the title. But, now that club has over 300 members and continues to grow, the role of the Membership Director has become a lot of work.

I am very happy to say that Paul Donohue, who has been a major factor in developing the club's autocross timing equipment and supporting autocross events, has agreed to step into the position of Membership Director. Paul is also the husband of April, our famous webmaster, and he has provided a lot of assistance getting the club website in shape.

So, what does all this mean for the election process? Since we have the unusual situation of having no Board of Director positions with more than one can-didate this year, it will not be necessary to hold an election for the 2019 Board. Therefore, still wear-ing my Parliamentarian's hat, I can announce that the 2019 CCA Board of Directors will consist of the following people:

2019 Board of Directors

President W. Kelly Ryan
Vice President Art Bell
Secretary Paul Vale
Treasurer Nita Armstrong
Membership Director Paul Donohue
Competition Director Bill Sandusky
Parliamentarian Jon Thorn
Club & Vendor Relations Director Van Vander Haar
NCM Ambassador Terry Popkin
Webmaster April Hussey
Past President/Member-at-Large Bob Atwell

I would like to thank Devin S. for being this year's Election Chairperson. And, of course, I would like to thank Jean Wade for her incredible 22 years of service as Membership Director. And again, I want to encourage all members to participate in the club to the extent that they are able. We have a unique car club with an unmatched history that is closely associated with the development of, and the growth of, America's Sports Car, the Chevrolet Corvette. And like many Corvette Clubs we take seriously the opportunity to provide charitable support and giving back to the community. If the club is to exist for the next 62 years we need the support of an active membership. Be thinking about this as we begin another year!

I am closing out my Ramblings this month with four reminders.

First, do not forget about the C1, C2, C3 Corvette Restoration Presentation (Saturday, December 1, 2018, 10AM to noon) at Tony's Corvette Shop in Gaithersburg, MD.

Second, please plan on attending the December Business Meeting (Tuesday, December 11, 2018). Show up, you will be glad you did.

Third, we are holding a special meeting on December 18 to plan for 2019 events.

Finally, there will be NO Shop Night in December. So plan on attending the November Shop Night at Sport Chevrolet. It will be the last one this year.

Jon Thorn
Corvette Courier Editor, 301-963-4864

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