Last week I caravanned with several other club members to the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum near Hershey, Pennsylvania. The National Corvette Museum was hosting a fund raiser which featured members of the Corvette Racing team. Corvette Racing (CR) is the GM sponsored racing team which, since 1999, has participated in IMSA racing events and the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France.

What made this event fascinating was the opportunity to listen to CR program manager Doug Fehan and driver Tommy Milner describe how their racing strategy evolves during the course of the race. Specifically, they were discussing their experience and racing strategy during the season finally at the Motul Petit Le Mans. Coming into the race the #3 Corvette was in position to win the 2018 GTLM team and driver championship. Unfortunately, things turned south when the #3 ran into a tire wall coming out of the pits. Ford and Porsche quickly moved into first and second position with the #4 Corvette sitting in sixth place. The team was able to repair the damage to #3 quickly and get it back on the track but obviously their original racing strategy was blown. In order for CR to win the team championship, they would need to prevent the Ford from finishing first. As time went on, and as positons changed, the team came up with a new strategy. With only minutes remaining in the race, the #4 Corvette (now sitting in fourth place) pulled into the pits for additional fuel. The lead Ford and Porsche followed the Corvette into the pits. The Corvette's team pit position was further down pit row than the Ford's and the Porsche's and CR was therefore able to monitor their movement. Just as the lead Ford began to pull out of its pit position, the #4 Corvette completed its refueling and pulled out of the pits ahead of the Ford. The #4 was able to maintain its position, finishing in second, and preventing the Ford from winning (it finished in fifth place). The #3 Corvette finished in eigth for the day but that was enough to allow CR to win first place for the season in the driver and team standings.

In addition to the CR presentation we had an opportunity to tour the AACA's large collection of beautifully restored cars, trucks, busses and motorcycles. We also took in a tour of the Yuengling Brewery and Jerry's Classic Car Museum. All in all a very entertaining couple of days. I'm sure this event will be offered again next year and I strongly suggest you consider including it on your calendar.

A quick suggestion to club members, you won't want to miss this:
Tony Avedisian (Tony's Corvette Shop) is scheduled to present a technical discussion of problems and solutions relating to C1 through C3 Corvettes on December 1 at his shop.

This event, like so many other club activities, is designed to offer club members an opportunity to enjoy life with their Corvette and with other members of the club. Whether it an autocross, an HPDE event or our monthly business meeting (second Tuesday of the month at the Greene Turtle in Burtonsville) or shop night (fourth Tuesday of the month at Sport Chevrolet) please consider joining us.

Kelly Ryan
2018 President, 240-601-6045

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