The May autocross school and event were very successful. We had 15 students for the school and again over 40 entrants for the May event. Taking second in FTD was Pat Roney. By Pat's own admission, new tires do help.

Bourbon Trail Rally decal.

I also took part in a three day road rally called "The Bourbon Trail" from Bowling Green, Kentucky to Mt. Vernon, Ohio. The event started with some very aggressive pace laps at the National Corvette Museum race track. I look forward to returning there for a full HPDE event. From there we traveled some amazing back roads with stops at several bourbon distilleries. We actually toured Maker's Mark Distillery which still operates out of its original buildings. The day ended at the famous Historic Boone Tavern built in 1909. Day two was highlighted with more twisty back roads and beautiful scenery through parts of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. Day three we arose to tackle the "Triple Nickel," Ohio Route 555. It is similar to the "Back of the Dragon." Along the historic waterfront of Zanesville, Ohio we lunched at the Weasel Boy Brewery before heading to Mid-Ohio Motorsports. After a few instructional laps, we were sent out on our own for a thirty minute session. I felt very good with the second best time of 1:58.7 minutes, which was 9 seconds behind a McLaren MP4.

Sink hole victims at the National Corvette Museum.
A very nice Rally Car on the tour! (top) Lunch at the Weasel Boy Brewery in Zanesville, OH. (bottom left) A historical marker at Maker's Mark. (bottom right)

The June autocross course was the most difficult to design for sure. There were many DNFs both from novice and experienced drivers. I still feel it was a successful design and enjoyable for all those attending. Turnout was good with two of the top three times of the day going to our own Stephen C. (first) and myself (third). Anytime I can finish within four seconds of Steve is a win in my book.

Our next event will be September 16th, so I will be on the road in July doing another cross country rally. I will detail that trip next month. August will find me at the track for a couple of HPDE events.

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