Time just slips by and then all of a sudden I realize I forgot to do the article for the newsletter. If I had not seen Roney's HPDE article, I probably would still have forgotten. Okay boys and girls here's what's happening.

The weather is starting to get much nicer which means there is a lot more auto events about to happen. We have our autocross on April 22, 2018 and I expect a good turnout. As always, club volunteers are needed. This year we are involving our club volunteers in the more important tasks of running each event. We have always used our members for setup/takedown, registration, tech and timing. Now we want you to help with spectator control, chief worker, grid worker, starter and safety chief. These are all easy tasks that require our events to run as they should. So when the call goes out for volunteers, don't be afraid to perform one of these tasks. Each are described on the website. I didn't mention course workers since we will employ all other participants as well as some club members to work the course.

May and June will be busy with our autocross school and autocross events. I encourage everyone who enjoys driving to think about attending the May autocross school and event. You will learn a couple things that will make you a better driver on the street as well as on course. You don't need a race car to autocross, just as long as your driver is not a truck, SUV, or minivan you can participate.

In addition, yours truly will be out on my first rally of the year in mid-May doing the "Bourbon Trail" from Kentucky to Ohio. I will be taking my non-corvette classic GTO to the national convention in Valley Forge, PA in June. Yes, I will drive it there.

Bill Sandusky
Competition Director
competitionvette-club.org, 301-801-7519

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