A couple of remarkable things occurred at our recent members' business meeting. As you know the meeting is scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month at the Greene Turtle in Burtonsville. This month's attendees included a young man (Alex) who had just recently purchased a used C6. His priorities seemed to be in order. He had first taken a position at a local business, then he purchased the Corvette, and then he found our club on line and joined. It seems he was interested in doing the things most of us bought our Corvettes to do, drive in a HPDE event and try his hand at autocross. Needless to say, after our initial greeting and exchange of names, we introduced him to one of the club's most experienced HPDE instructors (Pat Roney) and mentioned the club's upcoming autocross (April 22 at Lincoln Tech). This was Alex's first experience with the club and its members and I think it went very well. Pat was still talking to Alex twenty minutes after the meeting ended. He was encouraging Alex to take a look at some of the videos of HPDE events to get a sense of the track conditions and driving considerations.

The second remarkable event took place a little later on in the meeting. Pat Roney was discussing the club's past involvement in a student driving clinic sponsored by Tire Rack and hosted by several local clubs (Northern Virginia Corvette Club and BMW CCA) as well as our club. Pat said the event needed a new person from our club to step up and get involved with coordinating CCA's involvement. Remarkably, the individual volunteering to meet the challenge was a young man by the name of Devin who has only started attending club events on a regular basis during the past year! Devin's dad (Jim) is the second longest active member of the CCA and I'm sure will be very supportive of the effort but Devin is running with it.

Both of these incidents are indicative of what this club has to offer its members (challenge and opportunities) and what the members have to offer its members (experience). When you bought your Corvette you were probably interested in something more than a daily driver. CCA does provide you with the opportunity to enjoy life with your Corvette.

Here's a quick look at some of the upcoming adventures CCA is pulling together during the next couple of months:

We also have our Annual Car Show coming up July 15, 2018 at Sport Chevrolet. This year's show will be open to Corvettes and all other makes and models of automobiles. We're also planning a road trip to Hershey Pennsylvania for Corvette Weekend on November 9-10, 2018. You can bet many of our members will be meeting at the club corral at Corvettes at Carlisle August 23 through 26, 2018. Visit the calendar for more details about these and other upcoming events.

In closing, I invite all members to join us in one of the many activities. We are truly a much better club because of our members' participation. Enjoy life with your Corvette.

Kelly Ryan
2018 President
presidentvette-club.org, 240-601-6045

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