Let me ask the question: Have you ever experienced an auto sport event and then said to yourself "I need to do this again"? Well that is actually what I would like to see our members who have not autocrossed come out and try on March 25, 2018 at Lincoln Tech.

I assure you will enjoy it. It would be really great for those of you with older Corvettes to come out. We run classes for every generation of Corvette as well and classes for non corvette participants. It is slow speed (25-30 mph) so even those car show only models will be fine. You will not get any paint chips, scratches or dents to them. Don’t want to bring out that beauty? Then show up in your daily driver as long as it is not a truck or SUV.

Maybe you just want to come out and see what autocross is all about. Volunteer to help with the event. We always need course workers, setup/take down support for each event.

Once you have tried autocross, hopefully you will return in April next month or maybe the school and event in May.

Bill Sandusky
Competition Director
competitionvette-club.org, 301-801-7519

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