9th Annual Winter Karting Event

This fun for all karting event is coming up the end of the month, February 25th. It is filling up quick so please send me an email if you can make it. We will make sure all have fun with events for the racers and also for the ones that just want to drive around the track. See the calendar for more information.

3rd Annual Instructor Symposium - 01/21/2018

Dave DuBois, HPDE Instructor for the Northern Virginia Corvette Club, organized the Instructor Symposium in 2016 to discuss issues that HPDE instructors see on the track, as well as safety equipment, methods of instructing, how instructors can help event organizers, and the Motorsports Safety Foundation. A group of 30 instructors, drivers, organizers and chief instructors attended the event.

HPDE Instructors Symposium
Our own Bob Couse introducing the presenters while Dave DuBois looks on.
HPDE Instructors Symposium Schedule
Dave had a full schedule with many pertinent topics to discuss as evidenced by this schedule.

The symposium was action packed from start to finish with most of our sessions going over and cutting into our lunch time and quitting time. Thanks to Dave DuBois for a great choice of topics and presenters.

HPDE Instructors Symposium

Rolex 24 at Daytona Party - 01/27-28/2018

Tony and Marnie hosted a party in Pennsylvania as we cheered on Corvette Racing. Tony and Marnie's new home is beautiful and has so much personality. What a great place for enjoying relaxation time and a great house for a party. It is well off the beaten path and almost impossible to find. Once there negotiating the uphill winding drive way is intense. Thank goodness someone was moving their truck so that I could find a place to back into, because backing down that driveway in the dark was not going to happen. This driveway would be a very challenging go-cart track, maybe even better than the one that Ricky and Jordan Taylor had to practice on. You knew right away upon arriving that you were at the right place for a Corvette Racing party as soon as you walked into the garage.

Tony's Garage

Tony's yellow Corvette C6 Z06 with his Corvette Racing helmet is just in front of 4 very famous racing suits. The one far right as we view them Tony wore as part of Corvette Racing's pit crew for a Petit LeMans and both Baltimore Grand Prixs. The suit to the right of the Corvette Racing suit is the one that Dan Binks wore as the crew chief of the Chevy Intrepid GTP that Tommy Kendall drove back in the 1990's. Dan Binks, crew chief for the #3 Corvette Racing car, told Tony that if he quit smoking for a year that he would give Tony his Intrepid GTP fire suit. Tommy Kendall signed the race suit that same day at the IMSA 6 hours of the Glen. The Jaguar suit to the right of that one was Tommy Kendall's from the Lexus GT Team. It seems that Tony Gentilozzi lost the bet that Detroit would beat Baltimore in the 2014 playoffs and this driving suit was the prize.

Tony & Marnie
Marnie & Tony (left). Marnie as the flag girl for the #3 Corvette Racing car (right).
Rolex 24 Party Crowd
Our Corvette Racing group cheering Corvette Racing on. Wait, where is Gina? Gina is Tony's sister and is a real Corvette Racing fan. At her young age she has been to about 10 pro races all over the country. I couldn't find a good picture of Gina at this party so here is a picture of Marnie and Gina from one of Tony's Oktoberfest parties. Gina is wearing the red dress. (right).

Want to try your car out on track?

Please remember to keep it to the speed limit and stay alert on the street as, in my opinion, it is much more dangerous at the speed limit on the street than on the track at speed. If you would like to hear more about the tracking experience, please feel free to ask myself, or any one of our tracking group about how easy it is to give it a shot.

Check out the tracking schedule on the HPDE page.

Pat Roney
HPDE Instructor

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