I'll bet we have a couple of Elvis fans in a club this large. I'll also bet that almost no one knows about the link between Elvis and the CCA. The more I stay alert for bits of CCA history the more amazed I am about that theory of "Six Degrees of Separation". At this point I am about ready to believe almost anything. Kevin Bacon could actually be my long lost cousin.

It is a lot of fun to try to collect odd bits of CCA history and I owe CCA member Frank Ferrell a huge debt of thanks for the pointer to this Elvis story. The movie ties together Elvis, a founding member of the CCA, Peter Brock, Larry Shinoda, Bill Mitchell, Zora Arkus-Duntov, a very famous Corvette prototype and General Motors. That is quite a cast!

Dick Thompson and Trophies, 2012

Read the full article (which includes an interesting video clip) from Corvette Blogger in honor of Elvis Presley's birthday here.

As Paul Harvey would say, "Here is the rest of the story."
The actual 1960 SCCA C Production Modified National Champion Award appears at the top right in the photo. This picture was taken with Dick Thompson at Dick and Eve's home following the 2012 Sebring 60th Anniversary Race weekend during our visit.

A model of the Stingray Racer Concept in the article is part of the National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame Award at the bottom of the photo. The story of this visit is in the April 2012 Corvette Courier.

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