CCA Autocross – May 21, 2017

We held our second autocross event of the year on Sunday, May 21st at Lincoln College and it was a great event! Thanks to everyone who came out to participate and/or help!

#11 Louis V. 2013 Ford Focus ST So many great pictures were taken by several of our participants and their guests that the only way to do justice to them is to check them out on our results page in both the Google photo album and Flickr album.

Once again we had a fresh crop of new-to-us autocrossers hit the course. Our own Pat R. took one of them (Yash) under his wing and helped the eager 17 yr. old handle his yellow Charger. Another found 3 wheels to be far superior to 4 in cornering! Club members Denise and Jay P. brought out their new "old" C5Z! What’s this??? Even Van V. brought out his C5 to run (and his C3 to play on Saturday)! #66 Van V. 1999 Chevrolet Corvette

We had 30 drivers run in the AM and a few less in the PM session. The course was a mixture of tight and open elements that were fun and fast for those willing to push the car and not fear the cones! A glimpse of the course at cone-level perspective can be seen in this video of my 6th and 7th runs.

Results by Class

A couple special thanks need to go out to the following people. First and foremost CCA needs to be extra thankful that we acquired April and Paul as (I think) our youngest and most enthusiastic members! Both April and Paul worked tirelessly throughout the month addressing our many website and IT needs, but on Sat/Sun also made the weekend go so smooth (on little or was that no sleep??) by also helping with signage, awards, registration, timing, etc., etc., etc. I vote to double your club salary! LOL

Tech In Additional thanks go out to Jaclyn H. who came out to take tons of really nice pics of most of the cars competing... and occasionally also to cheer on her boyfriend in his VW Scirocco (she’s wearing thegreen hat in the photo to the right). Her photos (of cars not her) can be found in the Flickr album mentioned above.

Other special thanks go out to Vincent R. for entertaining us in his Porsche in the AM session and helping to instruct several of our newer autocrossers! Thanks also to Kyra C. for coming back for her second autocross, showing a couple of the cones "who was boss," and also uploading some great pics for us! Kyra C. aggressively ran the course and got some literal "pointers" by Vincent.

CCA Autocross - June 11, 2017

As our June 11th autocross is being held after my article deadline, the results of our third autocross will be reported on in the July newsletter.

HPDE Happenings

There continue to be numerous HPDE events going on that are being attended by CCA club members. Of these, I’ll be attending a Seat Time HPDE held at Summit Point's Main Circuit and put on by BSR on June 9th and will also be attending the National Corvette Museum's annual event being put on at beautiful Virginia International Raceway (VIR) on June 26th and June 27th. Full reports of these events will also be in July’s newsletter.

Until next month...

Stephen Catlin
Competition Director

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