Lana and I recently took a vacation in Florida, followed by a Disney cruise to the Caribbean with my two grandsons, my daughter and son-in law. The first two weeks were spent in Longboat Key. As we had done in 2016, we again made a reservation for high tea at the beautiful Crosley estate. You may recall that there was a car called a Crosley, manufactured in the Forties and Fifties. They also made radios and other consumer goods.

We arrived at the estate and were escorted to a round table with seating for ten. Eight other persons were already seated. Lana and I took the remaining seats. On my left was a young teenager and his mother. On Lana's right was an elderly couple similar to ourselves. As is usually the case when we travel, Lana began making small talk with the gentleman. She learned that he is a resident of Sarasota. Lana asked if he had visited the automotive museum nearby, as we had enjoyed our visit there. He replied that he had and knows the owner personally. She then mentioned the Simeone Museum we visited the previous year. He stated he had been there many times, and is a close personal friend of Dr. Simeone. He further indicated that he has been an automobile enthusiast for most of his life. In fact, we later learned during the tea that he was none other than Marty Schorr, the founder and first editor of Corvette Magazine! Marty briefly recalled his career, including numerous travel to stateside and overseas automotive racing venues. Of course, we were delighted to tell him about the Corvette Club of America and our various activities. All in all, it turned out to be a fabulous event for us.

So, I ask: What are the odds that we would sit next to a real Corvette guy?

Barry Pokrass
CCA Member since 2010

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