I would like to second Bob's comments on the new CCA website. It is really coming together. It, like our two Facebook locations, are major commitments to the time and effort to get the CCA story out to our membership and the public. April and Paul are doing a fantastic job. I've learned from my time with Facebook that the job is one that never ends; but, there is so much more work with developing and maintaining the website that it cannot really be compared to just keeping Facebook posts flowing.

The word is getting out too. As Bob said we are on a roll in 2017. As just one international example, shown is a thank you for a sticker that Jean sent to a follower in France.

You'll want to stop by and check the website frequently. We truly are on a roll and things are changing frequently. Be sure to check April's report.

We are very fortunate to have a core group of membership that is very active and going above and beyond all expectations by contributing to making this a better Corvette club. By this point, I am sure members who are familiar with my Ramblings can see what is coming. The CCA, like any club, can always use more volunteer help. This will be a fantastic year for you to increase your participation in the club. And, we can certainly use the help!

Save the Wave!

Jon Thorn
Corvette Courier Editor

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